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The Best Public Schools in Edmonton: Top-Rated Schools

Education is a right, not just a privilege. That’s why it’s important to make basic education accessible to everyone.

Private schools—while they do provide high-quality education for students—aren’t very affordable for everyone.

That’s why public schools are in place to make sure that everyone gets a chance to receive the education they need.

Here are the best public schools in Edmonton according to the Fraser Institute School Rankings.

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The Best Public Elementary Schools in Edmonton

Mount Pleasant School

mount pleasant school

Image source: Mount Pleasant School

Mount Pleasant School has a perfect score of 10 on the rankings. It’s one of the two in Edmonton that ranked first in Alberta elementary schools.

The school was built in 1954. Since then, it has provided high-quality learning opportunities for all students. Parents were also happy and satisfied with the curriculum as it has helped their children become successful in life.

The school offers a Cogito program for Kindergarten until Grade 6 students. It’s an alternative learning program that focuses on advanced learning for its students.

The curriculum at Mount Pleasant School is all about collaborative learning. They strive toward leadership and academic excellence.

Windsor Park School

windsor park school

Image source: Windsor Park Twitter

The Windsor Park School is the only other public elementary school in Edmonton that got a perfect score on Fraser Institute. It’s a testimony of how the school provides high-quality learning for its students.

The school currently has around 180 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. It doesn’t offer an advanced learning program. But that’s only because their regular program is already very well-rounded for students. For starters, they have Music, French, athletic, and extracurricular programs to further develop a student’s potential.

Windsor Park School strives to provide its students with innovative learning opportunities and access to the latest technology to make sure that your kids get only the best education possible.

Grandview Heights School

grandview heights school

Image source: Grandview Heights School

Grandview Heights School is a community school for Grade 1 to Grade 9 students. But despite this, the school only has a population of around 300 students. That also means that the teachers and other school staff can really focus on student learning and help develop their skills.

The school offers an alternative academic program for junior high students. It aims to cater to those who are interested in taking post-secondary studies. They have to meet certain criteria, though, such as passing the exam, having qualifying grades, and being recommended by teachers or the school.

While it might seem a little intimidating, the good news is that Grandview Heights School does not require entrance criteria for the regular program. In this sense, it behaves as a true public school should—making education accessible to everyone.

They will assess your knowledge and skills, though, to give you the best learning environment where you can really thrive and improve.

Stratford School

stratford school

Image source: Stratford School

Stratford School belongs to the top 10 elementary schools in Alberta. It caters to students from Kindergarten through Grade 9.

The school believes that learning can be maximized through the collaborative efforts of parents at home and teachers in school. They give students a lot of opportunities to pursue academic excellence and acquire different life skills they can use later in life.

Stratford School encourages its elementary students to join in the various intramural activities held at lunch hour in school. For junior high students, they offer several sports clubs and other extracurricular activities that all students can join.

The Best Public High Schools in Edmonton

Old Scona Academic

old scona academic

Image source: Old Scona Academic

Old Scona Academic is one of the oldest public high schools in Western Canada. Its main goal is to prepare its students for university admissions.

It’s ranked first in high schools across Edmonton (and Alberta) with a perfect 10 rating from the Fraser Institute. This top-performing school has a closely-knit community with a population of only 360 students.

They hone the 3 A’s in well-rounded student education—academics, athletics, and the arts. Besides their alternative programs, they also have sports clubs that qualified students can join. Their arts program offers specializations in music, performing arts, and visual arts.

Sending your child to Old Scona Academic assures you that they will get a high-quality and balanced education.

Millwoods Christian School

millwoods christian school

Image source: Millwoods Christian School

Millwoods Christian School is ranked 6th out of 253 schools in Alberta. They offer education for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Like Old Scona Academic, the school also provides the 3 A’s for their students. But one thing that stands out from Millwoods Christian School is its community service programs.

An important part of teaching Christ-centered values is giving back to and helping other members of the community. That’s why the students are taught to do simple activities like cleaning, doing things for a cause, and participating in outreach programs for the less fortunate members of the community.

If you want your child to have a more Christian education and upbringing, this is definitely where you should send them to.

Strathcona High School

strathcona high school

Image source: Strathcona High School Facebook

Strathcona High School is a public senior high school established in 1907, making it the oldest school in Edmonton. The school moved ten blocks away from its old location in 1955. And it’s been in its current location since then.

The school houses the top Advanced Placement (AP) program in the entire country. It was developed by the Ivy League Universities to help students with college admissions to top universities around the world.

Strathcona High School is also known for its athletic teams. Throughout the years, these teams in different sports have brought great pride and joy to the school.

The school’s art program is also one for the books. They offer different specializations in the performing arts, fine arts, musical theatre, and visual arts.

Edmonton Neighbourhoods

edmonton neighbourhoods

Image source: Amrit Hunjan

You won’t have to worry about the quality of education that your children will receive in Alberta’s capital city. Alberta ensures that students will get high-quality education wherever they choose to study in the province.

The only thing you have to focus on is finding Edmonton neighbourhoods that you’ll love living in. You can look for properties in an area first and then look for nearby schools after. Or you can also do it the other way around. Regardless, it would be best to contact a real estate agent that could assist you in finding your new home.

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Again, here are the top-rated public schools in Edmonton you might want to check out:

  • Mount Pleasant School (K–6)
  • Windsor Park School (K–6)
  • Grandview Heights School (Grades 1–9)
  • Stratford School (K–9)
  • Old Scona Academic (Grades 10–12)
  • Millwoods Christian School (K–12)
  • Strathcona High School (Grades 10–12)