Cheapest Place to Live in Edmonton? 5 Cheap Neighborhoods

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Are you feeling the pinch when finding a home on a tight budget? Is this your first time buying a home?

Or could it be the daunting task of aligning the sale of your current place with the hunt for a new one? What about the push-pull of needing more space without breaking the bank?

If you can relate to any of these, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will help you find affordable places to live. 

So, what are the cheapest places to live in Edmonton?

  • Blackmud Creek Ravine
  • Evergreen
  • Winterburn Industrial Area West
  • Westview Village
  • Maple Ridge

5. Blackmud Creek Ravine: Great Neighbourhood for Affordable Living

Blackmud Creek Ravine shines with a livability score of 76/100. This score reflects a high quality of life for those who call it home. The neighborhood boasts a cost of living 8% lower than the Edmonton average. It’s an attractive choice for budget-minded individuals.

Parks: A Breath of Fresh Air

The neighborhood is replete with green spaces. Residents enjoy a variety of parks for leisure and recreation. Twin Brooks Park is a favourite for family outings and nature strolls. For those seeking tranquillity, Tomas Opalinski Park offers a quiet place for relaxation.

Entertainment: Fun at Your Fingertips

Entertainment options are plentiful in Blackmud Creek Ravine. The Cineplex Odeon Cinemas is ideal for movie enthusiasts. For summer fun, the Mill Woods Spray Park offers welcome relief from the heat.

Food & Drink: Diverse and Delicious

Dining options cater to all tastes. Pizza Hut delivers a quick, filling meal, while Vinny’s Bar is perfect for a night out. Various other food and beverage establishments provide options in the community.

The downside to this is that crime rates are 52% higher here than the city’s average. Residents still appreciate the affordable cost of living though. They also enjoy the comprehensive selection of amenities close to home.

4. Evergreen:  Edmonton’s Most Budget-Conscious Neighborhood

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Evergreen stands out in Edmonton when searching for an affordable place to live. It has a livability score of 54 out of 100. Although this score does not place it at the top, it is significant for those prioritizing their budget. 

Evergreen’s cost of living is 9% below the city’s average. This makes it a welcoming environment for those who are conscious about their budget when looking for a home.

Entertainment Amenities

Evergreen offers affordability without compromising on fun. The local Cineplex is popular among moviegoers eager to watch the newest films. 

The Brintnell Splash Pad provides community recreation. It is especially refreshing during the summer months for families and individuals.

Food & Drink

The neighborhood boasts diverse culinary options. Residents have plenty of choices within their reach. Doyle’s Pub provides a cozy setting for a drink and socialization. 

On the sweeter side, Dairy Queen offers desserts that many enjoy. These establishments are just a sample of what Evergreen has to offer. Eating out or grabbing a quick snack is both easy and diverse in this neighborhood.

Despite its higher crime rate compared to the city average, Evergreen still attracts residents. Many residents consider the affordable living costs and practical amenities as compensating factors. 

They find the area to be a viable choice. It allows for enjoying the benefits of urban living without the high expenses. This makes Evergreen one of Edmonton’s most reasonable neighborhoods.

3. Winterburn Industrial Area West: Budget-friendly Basics

Winterburn Industrial Area West has a livability score of 54/100. This score might be concerning due to the area’s higher crime rates. 

Despite this, the neighborhood’s cost of living is 12% lower than the average. This makes it particularly attractive for house hunters looking for affordability.

Entertainment Choices

In terms of entertainment, the neighborhood doesn’t disappoint. Residents have access to enjoyable ways to spend free time. 

The World Waterpark is a notable attraction for family fun and cooling off. Additionally, movie enthusiasts can visit Scotiabank Theatre for the latest releases.

Dining Amenities

When it comes to dining, the area presents a range of affordable and tasty options. For instance, Mary Brown’s offers budget-friendly comfort food. Panago Pizza provides a selection of delicious pizzas for casual dining or social gatherings.

Winterburn Industrial Area West isn’t as polished as more upscale neighborhoods. But it is very budget-friendly. It is particularly appealing for those who prioritize entertainment and dining on a budget. 

It stands as one of the most economical areas in Edmonton for establishing a home.

2. Westview Village: Simple Savings

Westview Village has a livability score of 55/100, which is below average. The area also experiences higher crime rates than other parts of Edmonton. Despite these issues, it is known as one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city.

The neighborhood’s cost of living is 12% lower than the Edmonton average. This attracts those who are looking for economical housing options.

Accessible Entertainment

Westview Village offers a range of activities for entertainment. There is something for everyone without the need to travel far. 

Ed’s Bowling is popular for a fun night with friends or family. The World Waterpark offers excitement for thrill-seekers and is fun for all ages.

Convenient Dining

Westview Village offers convenient dining options. Fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Panda Express cater to residents with busy lifestyles, providing quick meals and familiar tastes.

Westview Village is known for its simplicity and cost benefits. This neighborhood may lack luxury amenities. However, it appeals to those looking to afford a home in Edmonton. 

1. Maple Ridge: One of the Cheapest Places to Live

Maple Ridge emerges as one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Edmonton. But of course, there are offsets to being the cheapest place to live. 

For instance, the livability score is modest, around 58/100. Also, crime rates that sit 48% above the city average. 

Despite that, the significant appeal of this area is its cost of living which is 13% lower than Edmonton’s average. Hence you can also expect that apartments are cheaper to rent if that’s your plan for now. 

Entertaining and Cultural Hotspots

The neighborhood’s entertainment offerings are both diverse and engaging. Landmark Cinemas provides a venue for moviegoers to indulge in the latest feature films. 

Festival Place serves as a cultural hub with a calendar filled with performances and events. It’s where residents have fun!

Varied Dining Options

Maple Ridge offers an array of dining choices that cater to different tastes and occasions. For those searching for a quick and familiar bite, A&W provides classic fast-food favourites. 

Meanwhile, Chutneys Indian Grill offers a local dining experience with east-inspired, flavorful dishes.

Overall, Maple Ridge provides an ideal blend of affordability and livability. 

Cheapest Neighborhoods in Edmonton

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